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Successful bridge builder with experience supporting C-level executives in non-profit, arts, and education settings. Proficient in executive support, project management, presentation creation, and communication coordination. Collaborates effectively optimizes processes, and improves efficiency. Kresge Arts Fellow with a passion for the arts. View Resume.


As an OA-III Assistant to the Director of Accreditation and Continuous Improvement, I optimized internal processes, leading to a 35% reduction in project turnaround times. I also led training sessions to ensure staff were comfortable with new processes and technology, resulting in a 78% increase in internal stakeholder utilization. In my role as OA-III Assistant to the Director of Admissions, I was responsible for coordinating internal and external communication projects, interpreting data for over 40,000 applicants, and auditing a team of 12 that included student volunteers and employees. As an Executive Assistant at Western Michigan University MetroDetroit, I further honed my administrative skills, optimizing internal processes and decreasing inquiry response time by 22%. I tracked market trends with CRM and systemized set-up and break-down schedules for vendor booths and catering areas. Overall, my experiences in higher education have provided me with a range of skills in executive support, project management, communication coordination, and cultural awareness that have prepared me well for an operational support role in the arts landscape.


As a professional with a strong background in arts programming and editorial project management, I have developed my skills in organizing and implementing successful events, ranging from in-person workshops and multi-week classes to virtual panel discussions and international programming. I have a deep understanding of the industry trends and technologies necessary to maintain success in this field, and I am capable of contributing to the development of editorial priorities and strategies to create a cohesive and impactful program as illustrated by the international reader recruitment and onboarding strategy I developed in my time as Managing Editor at Frontier Poetry. My experience as a poet and storyteller for The Moth, The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers, Mouth Piece Stories, and my own storytelling venture Relato:Detroit saw me performing for audiences of all sizes across the country and liaising with production and stage professionals, preparing me to deliver smooth transitions and developments of live programs and exhibitions. Additionally, in my role at The Estuary Collective I have created promotional materials and directed team communications, giving me a well-rounded understanding of the many different aspects of arts programming. With my proficiency in various software suites, excellent editorial skills, and ability to communicate effectively, I am confident in my ability to introduce agility and flexible thinking to the structural support systems in place at any arts focused organization in Detroit proper.

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